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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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what you have already laid out for me, that I may pay him.
I was mentioning to Sir Robert some pictures in Italy, which I wished him to buy; two particularly, if they can be got, would make him delight in you beyond measure. They are, a Madonna and Child, by Dominichino, in the palace Zambeccari, at Bologna, or Caliambecu, as they call it; Mr. Chute knows the picture. The other is by Cor-reggio, in a convent at Parma, and reckoned the second best of that hand in the world. There are the Madonna and Child, St. Catherine, St. Matthew, and other figures: it is a most known picture, and has been engraved by Augustin Carracci. If you can employ anybody privately to inquire about these pictures, be so good to let me know: Sir K. would not scruple almost at any price, for he has of neither hand. The convent is poor: the Zambeccari collection is to be sold, though, when I inquired after this picture, they would not set a price.
Here is a new epigram th^t you will not dislike: it is made by Dr. Munro12 on two of his brethren, a physician and a surgeon—
When Hulse13 for some trifling unorthodox jests
As unchristian was censured by bigots and priests,
He wisely resolv'd to wipe off the reproach,
And was seen with a parson six months in his coach..
When Cheselden14 saw that the scheme had success,
He conceiv'd in some sort it might suit his own case ;
So to take an unlucky damn'd censure away,
He contriv'd to be seen with a wit every day:
And with Pope by his side in the pride of his soul,
' Now damn ye,5 says he; ' now d'ye think I'm a fool ? '
11  A corrupted pronunciation of the Bolognese.    Walpole.
12  James Monro (1680-1752), physician  to  Bethlehem Hospital for lunatics.
13 Sir Edward Hulse (1682-1769), first Baronet.
« William Cheselden (1688-1752), a well-known surgeon and anatomist. He was on friendly terms, with Pope.